The lottery winner donated all his money for the environment.

Written By; Shreedharan

A French citizen won $217 million in the EuroMillions lottery, which he donated to environmental charity.

This winner has not revealed his name. French media is calling him a "Guy"

This winning amount has been given to his Anyama charity organization. This organization works to protect forests and their biodiversity.

This organization will financially support the conservation of forests in France.

Winner has said in his letter that he does not want car, boat, bungalow, but this money should have maximum positive effect on the earth.

Anyama is the name of a city in France where the guy spent his childhood in the summer. And there he saw many trees being cut from there.

The guy told the Le Parisien newspaper that the first priority today is to save the planet. If we don't act immediately then we will not exist.

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