A man thought he won $600 in the lottery but won $1 million.

Written By- Shreedharan Date- September 23, 2022

A man from Virginia thought that he had won $600 in the lottery scratch-off but in reality he had won $1 million.

In this game one has to choose a number between 1 to 70 and a mega number between 1 to 25.

Jose Flores Velasquez bought a scratch-off lottery ticket ticket from a gas station. He thought he had only won $600.

He went to the Virginia Lottery Center to cash the ticket. There he came to know that the value of that ticket is $1 million.

Velasquez opted for the cash payout and got $759,878.

The store that sold this winning ticket got a $10,000 bonus.

Finally, the winners of Mega Millions $1.34 B were revealed.

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